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OTTO - Take responsibility! Workers are not Disposal Items!

By pracownik - Posted on 10 maj 2011

The campaign against the abuse of temporary labour at OTTO Workforce continues! Maciej, a worker who was injured lifting things at work, is still on sick leave and his fate is unclear. After actions taken by Priama akcia and ZSP at OTTO offices and an email / fax campaign, OTTO agreed to pay Maciej his sick leave pay and indeed he received a payment last week. But his situation is far from resolved.

First of all, as it turns out, the moment Maciej went on sick leave, OTTO stopped paying his health insurance. He is now neither insured in Holland or in Poland, which means there is no coverage of his medical expenses.

Secondly, the money received from OTTO was not accompanied by any payslips showing which deductions have been made. The lack of proper information on the elements of pay is a frequent complaint among OTTO employees, who then are not sure exactly what has been deducted from their salaries. In Maciej's case, we cannot be sure whether he was properly paid.

Finally, since Maciej is a temporary worker, his contract has to be renewed and it will be expiring at the end of May. Even the head of OTTO in the CEE admitted that he was a good worker and we suppose that, had he not been injured at work, his contract would have been renewed. In such cases we know that temporary work agencies rarely extend contracts. ZSP considers the non-extension of a contract to be equal to firing, thus the non-extension of his contract would mean being dismissed while on sick leave. We do not agree to this treatment of workers and we want to see that Maciej is not dumped and left out in the cold.

Temporary work is constant exploitation! Enough precarity, enough of this one-sided relationship with the bosses! Workers organize and fight back! Support the right to basic social guarantees, against the abuse of casual work!