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Demonstration in Defense of Cegielski Workers


Over 2000 unionists from all over the country, mostly from Solidarity, and workers from the H. Cegielski plant in Poznan demonstrated in defense of the workplace and to demand higher severance pay for sacked workers.

Cegielski is a manufacturer of, among other things, trams,rail cars, ship engines, generators and compressors. It faces many problems, among them restructurization before privatization and a lack of orders, partially due to the destruction of the shipyard industry in Poland.

Nespressure Mounts at Nescafé Indonesia - Act Now to Defend Trade Union Rights!


Nestlé's Corporate Business Principles "respect the right of employees to form representative organisations and to join or not to join trade unions, provided this right is freely exercised, and establish a constructive dialogue with these unions."

Should employees need some guidance on this issue management is there to help.

Business is good at the Nescafé factory in Panjang, Indonesia. Three-quarters of the output is exported to developed countries. The company is hiring.

Railway Unions, Workers Picket PKP

On Oct. 13, a few hundred unionists and workers picketed the headquarters of PKP Railways in Warsaw. PKP railways, the former Polish State Railways, was divided into many smaller units in 2001 as part of restructuring inspired by both the IMF and European Union. Restructuring, increased outsourcing and financial manipulation has lead to severe job loss in some of the units of the PKP Group, most notably in PKP Cargo.


Unions take LOT to Court

Polish airlines LOT wants to dismiss 450 people starting in October. The management also plans on handing the majority of the 3500 employees at the airline notice changing the work conditions. Unions have decided to try and fight the job cuts and the introduction of worse working conditions.

The Darker side of Coke

I joined Coca Cola in 1979, based in Chapelizod Dublin it was one of the larger employers in the Ballyfermot/West Dublin area. Two years later we moved to a new "State of the Art" facility (at the time) on the Naas Road.

Over the years the company grew, everyone working there had a Brother/Uncle/Son/Cousin working in the company.

The Coca Cola Social Club was one of the best -- Run by the employees it organized Social Nights, Christmas Parties, Weekends Away, and the most popular of all, the Pantomime at Christmas for the kids.

Coal Miners Killed in Methane Explosion. Miners Claim that Mine Knew of Dangers and Covered them up.


Twelve people died in a methane explosion at Ruda Slaska-Kochlowice mine in Poland. Dozens of others were injured, some very seriously.

The "accident" again raises the issue of poor safety in Poland's mines, where making money often takes precedence over human life.

Shortly after this incident, a miner showed videos that he made showing how the methane levels could go well over the safe level, but the management of the mine would ignore this. It looks as if there have also been, like in other mines, incidents of falsifying records.

ITF and ETF launch campaign to back Polish aviation workers

11 September 2009

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and its European arm, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), today launched a campaign to back the struggle of workers at a Polish airline who are facing job cuts and pay reductions. The campaign has a dedicated webpage:

Polish airline LOT is attempting to terminate its workforce’s current collective bargaining agreement and introduce a new contract from 1 October 2009 that would cut salaries by 15 per cent and reduce staff by the same amount.

Bosch Siemens and other Companies Take Advantage of Longer Accounting Periods

Bosch Siemens and other companies have started to take advantange of new regulations introduced in Poland. Workers at these companies' factories have got to come to work on Saturday - and they're not going to get paid overtime for it.

Companies may force workers to work overtime in exchange for an equivalent amount of days off in exchange. The days off just have to be calculated before the end of the accounting period, which is now 12 months long in Poland. The employer does not even have to give these days until the next calendar year.

KGHM Wants Punishment for Strikers

On August 11, workers at the giant cooper firm KGHM staged a two-hour warning strike against the government’s privatization plans. In keeping with what has become almost standard practice in Poland, the board of KGHM is now looking for ways to punish the strikers and union leaders.

Radom Strike Raises Questions about Tactics

The strike in Radom ended in a rather unfavourable deal for nurses and midwives who remain underpaid and face constant claims that hospitals have no money to pay for their raises. This particular strike was also attacked by the Minister of Health who claimed that the employment level was too high in the hospital.

In strike after strike, nurses are told that their demands are "impossible" and that they are lucky to have jobs at all since their hospitals are "in debt" and should be restructured or shut down. In such circumstances, unions face an uphill battle.

Radom Hospital Strike Ends in Unfavourable Deal

After 11 days, the strike in the Radom hospital ended late in the evening of August 16. The nurses and midwives' union unfortunately settled for a poor deal: the workers will only receive the 1000 zl. (238 euro) one-time bonuses offered by the hospital, not the 450 zl. (110 euro) monthly raises they had been fighting for.

Government and Big Unions Go on the Attack Against Right to Bargain and Union Pluralism

The government is launching a new offensive to limit the right of most unions to enter into collective bargaining in the workplace. The moves are not only backed by employers, but by the largest trade union federations which would like to take control over the bargaining process.

Nurses Occupy Director's Office

A group of nurses occupied the office of the director of the hospital in Radom. In this way they sent a signal that they intend to not only keep up but to escalate their protest.

The nurses are demanding 450 zl. (about 110 euros) raise.

Nurses' Protest in Support of Strike in Radom

Today nurses from various parts of Poland travelled to Radom to protest in solidarity with the striking nurses from a local hospital. The nurses are in the 8th day of their strike.

The hospital in Radom is one of the biggest in the region and employees over 600 nurses and midwives. They are demanding a 450 zloty raise - about 110 euros per month.