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Russian Workers Ready to Protest and Strike

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According to the newspaper "Trud", a recent survey conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation has shown that a large number of workers in Russia are ready to protest and strike.

25% of workers in Russia have suffered delayed payments of wages. 21% of firms have reduced salaries and 14% have not paid their workers. 12% of workplaces have cut working hours and 7% have sent workers on forced "vacations".

Starbucks Welcomed to Poland

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The Union of Syndicalists (ZSP) is conducting an information campaign about labour conditions in Starbucks, which opened in April in Poland.

ZSP had already taken part in an international day of action called by the IWW and IWA last year. A picket was held at the Wroclaw headquarters of AmRest, which operates Starbucks in this country.

12 month Accounting Period and Liquidation of Definition of Working Day Discussed

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The Tri-Partite Commission is still discussing the details of an "anti-crisis package". The package is meant to amend the labour law ostensibly so that employers can offer worse work conditions instead of firing their employees. The package will probably be passed through, despite the fact that most economic analysts are of the opinion that there will be an economic upturn in the near future.

Sumitomo to Move Production to Romania

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Sumitomo, which produces car wires for companies such as Toyota, has announced plans to shut down a plant in Rawicz, Poland and move production to Romania. 900 people will lost their jobs.

The firm had already dismissed 386 workers from the Rawicz plant last year.

Shipyard Workers Demonstrate, Fight with Police in Warsaw

Police beat and used tear gas and pepper spray against protesting shipyard workers in Warsaw on April 29. The protest was scheduled to coincide with the Congress of the European People's Party (EPP) which was being held at the Palace of Culture.

No Justice for Unionist Fired from Alima Gerber/ Nestle

Last year, Jacek Kotula was dismissed from his job at the Alima Gerber factory in Rzeszow for supposedly acting to the detriment of the company. He was accused of telling apple growers to ask for a better price. In court it was proven that the company (owned by Nestle) had told the "witness" against Kotula what to say. Kotula, who was the head of the Solidarity union in the factory claims that he had several problems in the past with the company due to his fighting for workers' rights, and in this case, his interest in fair payment for local farmers.

Wildcat Strike at NATO International School

Teachers at the school for children of NATO officers in Bydgoszcz Poland went on a wildcat strike yesterday after several weeks of protests due to non-payment and lack of contracts.

The Polish government, which is obliged to finance the school, hadn't sent any money since December. The teachers working there did not receive work contracts and had not been paid since March. They called an indefinite strike. Already interruption to the work in the school started before Easter when a few teachers decided not to come back to work.

Okna Rabien: Calluousness and indifference towards workers in the name of profit.

Dozens of Phillipino workers face deportation after problems with their employers at Okna Rabien near Lodz.

At the end of February / beginning of March, 98 workers from the Phillipines were employed at Okna Rabien window and door factory in Rabien, near Lodz. The hiring of these workers were part of management's plan to take on 200 cheap workers to replace 249 of them recently at the end of last year from the company.

Solidarity Protestors Occupy Local Administration

On April 24, members of some sections of Workers'Initiative and Union of Syndicalists, along with members of the Silesian Anarchist Federation, went to the office of the Head of the Local Adminstration in a solidarity action with the workers of the Psychiatric Hospital in Bielsko-Biala which voted in favour of a strike two weeks ago during a workplace referendum.

The hospital, is slated for restructuring and, most probably commercialization, which means that there is more work, everybody is supposed to be more

Nurses Lose Jobs: Anti-Union Director Wanted Punishment for September Strike

The Director of the Balicki Hospital in Lodz has fired four nurses and union leaders who participating in the Sept. strike for pay raises at the hospital.

In September 2008, nurses conducted a strike action for 11 days in the hospital. The nurses were demanding pay raises to brings their salaries up to 2000 - 3500 zloties per month (450 -800 euro) depending on position and seniority. At the time the strike began, the director of the hospital, Piotr Kuna, filed a letter with the prosecutor's office claiming that the strike was illegal.

Locomotive Repair Workers Protest in Warsaw

Employees of ZNTK Lapy locomotive repair plant protested today in Warsaw in front of the Prime Minister's Office. Workers from 9 other locomotive repair plants also joined the protest.

400 of the 750 workers in Lapy will lose their jobs due to the situation in PKP Cargo which has stopped repairing its wagons. Large job cuts are also expected in other places. People from repair plants in Gdansk, Opole, Krakow and Ostrow Wielkopolski also demonstrated today in Warsaw.

Russian Authorities Will Crack Down on Migrant Labor

April 2, at a press conference The Federal Migration Service announced that it would crack down on employers hiring foreigners instead of Russians.

According to the World Bank, Russia is home to one of the world's largest migrant populations, second only to the United States.

At another news conference held the same day, Renat Karimov, head of the only trade union for migrant workers in Russia, said that the crisis might result in new problems for migrant workers.

Occupation Strike at Union-Busting Schavemaker Transport

About 20 drivers from Schavemaker Transport occupied the firm's Polish headquarters in Katy Wroclawskie today. They are determined to stay there until their colleagues, dismissed in a union-busting campaign, are reinstated. The action comes after drivers protesting in Holland and another Polish city were beaten by security goons hired by the company.

On February 20, the drivers formed a union called "Jedynka Wroclawska", working inside Solidarity. 60 out of about 80 workers joined - but the Dutch boss did not accept the union and fired 15 unionists in March.

Miners' Strike in Russia

Miners from the Mikhail Chikha mine in Russia’s southern Rostov region have started an occupation strike. 10 miners occupied the pit last night and more are expected to join today. The workers say they won’t leave the pit until they receive back wages owed to them by the mine.

According to the union working in the mine, the miners haven't been paid in three months and the company owes them at least 15 million roubles.

The owner of the mine is the Rusinkor company. In the middle of February it applied to a court to declare bankruptcy. In March the mine shut down for two weeks.

Unionbusting Schavemaker Transport Beats Protesting Drivers

Scandal in Holland! Polish truck drivers who were striking because of dismissals of unionists were beaten by security guards at Schavemaker Transport. Police have arrested the owner of the company, who ordered the beating and four of the security guards.