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EULEN Fires all the Striking Workers from ABB Cordoba

The strikers claim that the redundancies are not valid and considered them a clear retaliation for the strike. They demand to be reinstated by ABB or outsourced by ADECCO - EUROCEN.

On Wednesday EULEN fired all the workers on strike since November 28.

EULEN has claimed that it fired the workers because of the loss of its contract with ABB, where it was replaced by ADECCO - EUROCEN.

Among those dismissed is the entire Strike Committee. Nine of it 12 members already had been dismissed on 31 December.

For the strikers and their unions, this nothing more than the culmination of ABB's strategy to get rid of the workers on strike, with the collaboration of EULEN and ADECCO - EUROCEN.

Widespread Use of Fictitious Self--Employment in Roche to Come Under Fire

On December 19, Roche Poland (the pharmaceuticals company) dismissed an activist of the ZSP without any reason. The orders came directly from corporate headquarters and he was asked to leave immediately. The company refused to give any reason in writing or any other documents.

The dismissal came on the first day after a large article with the comrade appeared in the main newspaper. Although no real reason was given, it is largely felt that this decision was related to his work in the union.

Activist from COB-AIT on Trial

A unionist is being charged with defamation for defending workers' rights in Araxa, Brazil!

For speaking out for workers' rights and trying to organize in the FF Mercantil factory in Araxa, Icaro Polletto was fired and threatened. (Basic information on this case can be found in many languages here: Now he is being charged with defamation against the company, which is a criminal charge in Brazil. His trial will be on Wednesday, Dec. 14 in Minas Gerais, Araxá.

The workers of FF Mercantil were demanding an 8 hour working day and a 5-day work week, better health and safety measures in the factory, extra payment for work in dangerous conditions and the right to organize.

Strike in EULEN-ABB enters its second week

ABB decides to use another service provider. This amounts to union busting.

EULEN workers in the ABB factory in Cordoba, Spain started an indefinite strike on Nov. 28. Since then, the strikers have been camped out all day and night in front of the company. The strike was called by the CNT and CGT unions in the company in response to the illegal assignment of workers from EULEN who were contracted to work in ABB. EULEN provides services such as cleaning and maintenance to other companies and public administration.

ABB announced that as of January 1, it will not renew its contract with EULEN and instead will use the services of EUROCEN, which is part of the ADECCO multinational.

It is assumed that the new company will be used to get rid of all the workers currently striking.

Action against Temp Agency, Campaign for Safety and Rights in Construction

Karol M. has been in a coma since he had an accident at his construction job in Warsaw on November 3. To the horror of his family, it turned out that Karol was never given any contract by the work agency "Jerzy Madziarowicz MIX". The boss did not report the accident at work and went he was called by the police, he claimed that Karol was not his employee.

Karol has no insurance. He may never be able to work again. And Madziarowicz is trying to avoid responsibility. ZSP has started an action against the agency. The first step was to try to collect evidence that the agency is functioning and hiring people, with or without contracts. Now there is the task, which is not easy in Poland, of getting compensation for Karol.


The CNT denounces the labour reform underway which will lead to unprecedented precarization: € 426 euros a month, with no unemployment benefits or vacations, no maximum working day, no insurance and no paid holidays.

This reform will produce the exchange of contracts with rights for new ones, cheaper for companies and without any protection for the workers.

Bally Wulff: FAU Action Day in 8 German Cities


On November 18th, the Freie ArbeiterInnen-Union (FAU) organised several meetings in order to protest against the consequences of Bally Wulff's restructuring plan, which hits the only remaining screen printers in Berlin-Neukölln's gambling machine factory. The anarcho-syndicalist union federation FAU announced actions nearby 10 out of 12 subsidiaries; reports were available from 8 cities.

The first to gather in front of a Bally Wulff office were some members from FAU Dortmund who primarily informed the workers at surrounding enterprises. Many people expressed their interest and comprehension for the problem since many risk or fear the worsening of working conditions and the rise of precarious work, too.

The CNT criticizes the Demobilization of Visteon Workers

• The CNT does not understand how the leaders of the CCOO and the UGT make a pact to ”go on holiday” in such an extreme situation

• The CNT calls on the workers to continue protests and has announced a global day of action against Ford -Visteon

OTTO Workers from Wago Elwag Paid Missing Wages

A couple of women employed to work in the Wago Elwag factory in Wroclaw did not receive their proper payment for all the hours worked when they received their first salary. They quit the job and decided to do something about the situation. At first OTTO gave them the run around. Later we spoke to a manager at OTTO during our protest in Wroclaw. She claimed that workers in the factory were doing piece work and only were paid for what they produced - however we pointed out that the contracts were just for 40 hours a week at a certain wage per hour. They workers received their payment a few days later and ZSP is trying to make sure there are not other workers in the factory with similar problems.

[Barcelona] Striking Workers from the Department of Territory Dismissed

Last Monday June 27, the workers from the Division of Infrastructure Management (AGI) of the Department of Territory and Sustainability who are outsourced by the companies Serikat and Cast-Info were told that they were dismissed. The CNT union of the AGI had called a strike for June 20 - 28 to protest the illegal subcontracting of workers in the Department.

Six months ago the CNT filed a lawsuit against the Department of Territory for the illegal assignment of workers and initiated a union campaign to demand that authorities take a clear position. Far from meeting the just demands of workers, the Department has chosen hard-line union repression.