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CNT Barcelona Rally in front of Vodafone Headquarters

In the context of the open conflict with the company INTERNITY, a distributor of Vodafone, the CNT in Barcelona held a rally at Vodafone's headquarters to demand the reinstatement of our union delegate and denounce the repressive policy of INTERNITY against workers who demand that their rights be fulfilled. During the rally, a banner was unfurled and leaflets were distributed to all workers, pedestrians and store customers explaining the abuses that the workers of INTERNITY have to suffer on a daily basis.

CNT demonstrated in Madrid against the cuts in labour and social rights

· Thousands of people arrived from all over the country to the neighbourhood of Vallecas, place of the march.
· The Confederation was very critical of the reform of collective bargaining as unnecessary, unjust and a source of further precarity.
· It called on other anticapitalist organizations to unite forces and stand against the savage attack which the working class is suffering.
Thousands of militants arrived from all over the country gathered this morning in the Madrid neighbourhood of Vallecas to denounce the policy of cutting labour and social rights which the PSOE government are imposing at a frenetic pace; some cuts are dismantling the last pillars of the welfare state which is already quite paltry and incapable of satisfying the most basic human needs.

Update Regarding OTTO Campaign

Solidarity Campaign! Please send emails using the form on the page

Situation of Injured Worker on Sick Leave

Maciej was injured on the job while working in Belgium through OTTO Workforce. He was supposed to be covered by Dutch insurance, since he was working through a Dutch company and living in Holland and this insurance should then be transferred and valid in Poland. But the company had informed the Dutch insurer that Maciej was no longer an employee the day after he went on sick leave and, when he returned to Poland, he found he was not insured, had medical bills and was not getting paid for sick leave.

Support the Workers of FF Mercantil and Comrades of COB-AIT! Boycott Lotto and Finta!

FF Mercantil runs a sweatshop in Araxa, Brazil. It produces football shoes, uniforms, clothing and other accessories for the Lotto and Finta brands. The working conditions are poor - long hours and work weeks, excessive heat, fumes from glue, insufficient pay. The workers began to organize themselves. That is when the repression began.

A member of the COB-AIT was fired for this reason, as were several of his colleagues. What is more, some goons showed up at the office of the union in Araxa, threatening people with "pistoleros". Such hired thugs are known to shoot inconvenient unionists. The boss's henchmen also tried to take photos of those present.

OTTO - Take responsibility! Workers are not Disposal Items!

The campaign against the abuse of temporary labour at OTTO Workforce continues! Maciej, a worker who was injured lifting things at work, is still on sick leave and his fate is unclear. After actions taken by Priama akcia and ZSP at OTTO offices and an email / fax campaign, OTTO agreed to pay Maciej his sick leave pay and indeed he received a payment last week. But his situation is far from resolved.

First of all, as it turns out, the moment Maciej went on sick leave, OTTO stopped paying his health insurance. He is now neither insured in Holland or in Poland, which means there is no coverage of his medical expenses.

Czech State Forests and the Exploitation of Migrant Workers

The following is a translation of an article which appeared in the Czech bi-weekly Nový Prostor. It is an awful story of the exploitation of immigrant labour in the Czech Republic. Hundreds of migrant workings received no pay or only partial pay for their work in Czech State Forests.

But this is not only the story of these cheated workers. Behind this story is also the trend towards the casualization of labour in the state sector and attempts to save money in areas that neoliberals don't see as "profitable", such as the conservation of forests. It is also the story of problems connected to public tenders and spending EU money, which often combines with a high level of corruption and profiteering.

FAU and ZSP Organize International Day of Action at OBI Stores in Poland and Germany

On February 25-26, pickets took place in nearly 20 cities in Poland and Germany, protesting against bad working conditions and union repression in OBI.

Interview with a Worker from Fiat, Tychy

A member of ZSP interviews a comrade from the Fiat plant in Tychy, Poland.

A- Can you tell us a little bit about the work conditions in Fiat?

X- In general, they are bad. The atmosphere is very tense. Salaries are different, depending on the job and other factors. I have worked there in a skilled job over 15 years and I get less than 500 euros a month, net. Many people get 350, 400 euros. I know that the people who do this work in Italy receive 4 or even 5 times more salary.

Problems with the Otto Temp Agency

Over the last few years, there have been tons of complaints about the practices of the Otto Workforce temp agency, in particular from Poles being sent to work abroad in Holland. It has found itself on at least one internet blacklist as an agency which cheats workers. Some people who work there or worked there in the past, have contacted AGA and ZSP about various problems, asking what they can do. At the very least, they ask us to warn people and inform them of their rights and what can be done if they are cheated.

Indesit Verdict Typical of Justice System

While some may think the fact that bosses were convicted at all is something of a "victory" for workers' rights, we are reminded of the dozens and dozens of people, sometimes randomly picked up at demonstrations who wound up doing more jail time that the five bosses convicted for manslaughter for the death of a worker in the Indesit factory in Lodz.